Cabin comfort has evolved

Sitting upright or reclined for long periods causes discomfort due to pressure on the base of your spine, that’s why you often feel the need to roll forward to stretch your back. Lapnap helps you relax this way for long, comfortable periods.

Adjust the pillow height to the height you want your head to rest at.

Comfortably position the support rods anywhere on your lap or the seat between your legs — there’s no set position.

Simply lean forward into the pillow, facing centre, or resting your head to either side.

Premium economy

The Lapnap experience offers great value with 2 comfort solutions in 1.

A pillow with a washable, ultra plush fabric sleeve and super soft cushioning.

An ergonomic body support system designed to give you the confidence to completely relax.


Thanks for sharing in our journey and please let us know how yours goes the next time you take a Lapnap.